Academy of Functional Medicine

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The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics

The Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics offers training courses in functional medicine to all healthcare practitioners. Functional medicine examines primary prevention and underlying causes instead of the symptoms for serious chronic disease with the goal of understanding each individual patient’s physiological, environmental, and psychosocial contexts within which his or her illnesses or dysfunctions occur.

Functional medicine seeks to control or reverse each person’s physiological imbalances through individualized therapy based primarily on laboratory diagnostic testing performed by certified, specialized laboratories. Enhancement of patients’/client’s self- empowerment with a collaborative relationship between patient/client and healthcare practitioner or health coach, based on an understanding and knowledge of a patient’s/client’s unique biochemistry, metabolism, toxicology and genetics as determined by laboratory testing is the goal in all encounters.

The textbook: Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine by Drs. Lord and Bralley (also on CD) will be provided.

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Elizabeth Padron Vos December 23, 2011 at 11:55 am

Greetings Dr. Gant— I am an acupuncturist of 25 years who has enjoyed a lifetime of perfect health. (I’ve never even had a headache or any kind of musculoskeletal pain!) Am mildly hypothyroid; have been on 50mg Armour for years. I am 57 and had a seizure a month ago (possibly another one 8 months ago.) Only vice is 2 drinks a night (come from a long line of alcoholics…) I am greatly intrigued by your work and would love to become your patient. I am currently on Keppra x 1 month and I really hate this med. I just suspect I can reverse this condition by intelligent naturopathic choices. You sound like one of those lone brilliant cowboys among the hordes of uninspired pill pushers out there…. Are you accepting private patients at all? I’m in Berkeley, California.

Warm holiday wishes to you–


Elizabeth Padron Vos

admin December 24, 2011 at 12:29 pm

If you want to see him in person at his Washington DC office, visit for further information.

For a phone consult please review this page:

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