Treating Autism

by Gant on April 30, 2011

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Scientific evidence has clearly indicated that Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is far more prevalent than originally believed, affecting one out of every 100 American children. Even more for boys.

Autism can be treated and in a 3 part webinar series, we look at some of the latest strategies for dealing with this complex condition. ASD is not simply a psychological disorder, but a complex derangement of the gastrointestinal, immune, and neurological systems triggered by an increasingly toxic environment.

The risk factor model, like the one which cardiologists use to approach cardiovascular disease, is the preferred model. When multiple cardiovascular risk factors are identified in a patient (cholesterol, hypertension, smoking etc.), the clinician cannot predict with much certainty which ones are the most causative of symptoms, but it is assumed that modifying such risk factors will nevertheless have an impact on arresting or even reversing further progression of cardiovascular disease.

Similarly, if certain gastrointestinal risk factors such as clostridia infections are diagnosed properly and treated, one still can not be sure if that risk factor is causing 5% or 95% of the autistic symptoms. All that we can conclude with some certainty, based on amassed clinical research, is that every risk factor is likely to be playing a significant role in causing dysfunction, and that reversing each one will give the individual suffering from autism a much higher chance of recovery.

Just because some likely risk factors have never been scientifically studied or proven to be causative factors for autism, does not necessarily mean that they are not valid. The research just needs to be done.

The radical notion that autism is reversible, provided that competent clinicians are on hand to interpret functional and genomic assessments and devise rational treatment interventions, is set forth in the webinars. The webinars are available here:

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