12 Kinds Of Stress To Eliminate From Your Life

by Gant on November 30, 2009

Stress is defined as any mental or bodily tension resulting from factors which tend to alter an existent equilibrium. Chronic stress can lead to distress, defined as pain, anxiety, physical or mental suffering, which is often diagnosed as a medical or psychiatric disorder.

Most people vaguely realize that chronic stress is harmful, but they can’t quite identify what it is until distress arises, and even then the relationship to stress is often not clear.

Stress is not only emotional or due to nutty thinking as most people believe. There are at least 10 other contributing stressors such as toxic stress due to poisonous chemicals that accumulate in the body, hormonal stress such PMS and low testosterone in aging men and immune stress which underlies all allergy and autoimmune disorders.

This video – Stop Aging and Stay Well – identifies the 12 types of stressors that are at the root cause of all medical and psychiatric disorders, premature aging and death. The video is now available in the Members area.

You will learn that there is a scientific basis to determining what they are and you can slow down the aging process. You can live happier, more joyful lives and know that you can do something about the premature death and disability that is being worsened by the health care system with its overuse and abuse of medication.

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