Detoxification Medicine is an Important Speciality

by CE Gant on September 22, 2011

Detoxification medicine will become one of the most important specialties in the 21st century. The clues are all around us. Autism has increased 100-fold in just a few decades. Gulf War Syndrome endures, afflicting about 30% of the 697,000 soldiers who fought in Desert Storm. Health effects arising from the September 11 attacks such as cancer and chronic respiratory diseases, especially in the first responders (e.g., firemen, policemen), continues to plague us.


Mercury and other toxins have devastating effects on wildlife and game, adversely affecting the sports of hunting and fishing. Insecticides from food and vegetables grown in 3rd world countries who lack environmental laws and which is consumed by Americans have rendered most nursing mother’s, DDT-laced, breast milk unfit to consume by EPA standards. Plastics, toxic metals, petrochemicals and thousands of tons of new toxic chemicals introduced every year find their way into air, food and water, causing devastation to the health and wellness of Americans and the environment we live in.

Over 100 million Americans are now disabled and sick with mostly vague, ill-defined illnesses, which seriously impair their occupational, social, interpersonal and academic functioning. Fully ½ of Americans will suffer from a serious mental disorder in their lifetime, and at any one time, 25% of Americans are suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder.

Rates of Alzheimer’s disease are sky rocketing and taking their toll on younger Americans. And while politicians and pundits clamor for jobs, jobs, jobs, the fact that an accelerating percentage of Americans couldn’t work even if jobs were available, is utterly ignored.

Did it ever occur to you that the economic recession is caused by the simple fact that the number one disability suffered by those in their most active employment and academic years, from adolescence to mid-life, are mental disorders?

Drugs Accelerate the Decline of Health

While Rome burns, what is the response of our Nero-like healthcare system?
A: Drugs, drugs and more drugs to medicate the symptoms of these toxicity-caused syndromes and diseases, which only accelerates the decline of the health of Americans and does absolutely nothing to address the cause – toxins. The number 3 cause of death behind heart disease and cancer are pharmaceuticals, prescribed correctly and taken as prescribed. And the number one factor in the cause of cancer and heart disease is addictive substances, with tobacco killing about 500 thousand Americans a year. While Rome burns, the pharmaceutical industry laughs all the way to the bank.

Consumers lament expensive drugs and politicians proclaim how unfair it is that 50 million American lack healthcare insurance, which mans that they are deprived of having their fair share of drug (toxin)-induced diseases. And when toxins damage our organs so extensively that drugs can no longer cover up the toxicity-caused symptoms, it becomes time to make an appointment with a surgeon.

Healthcare Crisis

If you want to know what the healthcare crisis is mostly about, go back and read the first paragraphs, close your eyes for a few minutes, and contemplate each assertion. You know its all true. Poisoned air, food and water makes us sicker and sicker. And the issue becomes more sinister when one includes “electrosmog.” Modern humans are exposed to 10 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our ancestors. Cellphones alone scramble neurons and they are now known to be a cause of brain cancer. Getting your head around this huge toxicity issue is like herding cats. I understand why many respond to this obvious threat to civilization like an ostrich by putting their head in the sand and pretend that the problem does not exist.

So let’s start with simple things you can address, such as wall-to-wall carpeting in your house? Instead of huffing those out-gassing carcinogens, tear it up and throw it out, at least in the room you sleep in. Every year or so many newspapers will run an article or two about the tons of lead which are being pumped into our brains via tap water, and which is clearly correlated to childhood spectrum disorders (from autism to learning disabilities to AD/HD). Don’t treat these disorders with drugs. Get a good water filter.

Lead contaminated water pollutes the drinking water in many schools, but don’t worry, the insecticides, floor polishers, cleaning solvents, poor ventilation, and perhaps some remnant of asbestos, will probably damage kid’s brains long before the lead does.

Toxic Children

No child left behind? Are you kidding me? They are all getting left behind. And those kids who are the most toxic, or the most genetically vulnerable to toxicity, will line up at the nurses area to get their noontime doses of Ritalin (virtually identical to cocaine) or Adderall (amphetamines – remember “speed kills”?), which some will “cheek” and then sell later for 5 or 10 dollars on the playground. Drug-free school zone? You can’t be serious. Schools are some of the most addict infested, toxic places on earth. Advocate for children our most precious resource.

You may find it painful to read this, but believe me it’s equally painful to write. Humanity is in serious jeopardy. I used to wonder why major terrorist events have not happened in the US, such as nuclear dirty bombs exploding in our cities, but perhaps terrorists realized since 9/11 that we have become so proficient at destroying ourselves with toxins, that they don’t actually have to speed things along by making Washington or New York uninhabitable for the next 10,000 years. We are well on our way to doing that to ourselves. All they have to do is wait around for a few generations, and just march in and declare Sharia law. We will be too toxic, weakened and sick to put up any resistance.

Obesity Epidemic

Have you been concerned about the epidemic of obesity in the US? Well guess what, toxins must be safely quarantined in the body somewhere, so fat is used for this purpose. You can read Suzanne Somers’ latest weight loss book, which basically makes the valid point that if you don’t detoxify, your body will not give up its protective fat. If we were not a fat nation, everyone could be dying of MS, Alzheimer’s and cancer, so it’s a good thing we are fat! And have you wondered why chronic infections like Lyme disease have become so prevalent? Do you really believe that Lyme just showed up and has not been with us for millions of years? Lyme victims simply have immune systems which are crippled by toxins. Sure, go kill the bug, but be sure to include a good detoxification program in your recovery.

Would you like to know what the economic crisis is really about? The more we become poisoned and dysfunctional, the less we can work and contribute to prosperity. It’s that simple. So let’s face it, at the rate we are sliding, the economy may never rebound. Toxic sick people will put increasing burdens on entitlement programs, which are already scheduled to be bankrupted soon.

We will have to borrow more money from China, which like most “undeveloped” countries won’t face its toxicity crisis for a few generations yet, because they have not had an industrial revolution long enough to poison their air, food and water sufficiently. But don’t worry, their day is coming fast. In the meantime, we are slipping deeper into a national crisis, but not because toxicity takes its harsh toll on economic, social, interpersonal, vocational and political stability. Toxicity is an insurmountable problem because we are mostly in denial that it even exists.

Autism increases 10,000% and we scratch our heads and pump scarce funds into research to find a drug cure! The same goes for cancer, heart disease and every other chronic disorder; billions are wasted to look for drug treatments which only worsen the actual cause, toxicity.

Quoting Chaucer, “if gold rust, what shall iron do?” If our brightest and best minds in medical research and education are clueless, how could those who formulate public policy ever see the problem. And millions of consumers conclude, “I wasn’t a first responder at 9/11, I wasn’t fighting in Desert Storm, and my kid doesn’t have autism, and I’m getting by at work, so I’ll just continue consumption of the 5 basic American food groups – alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar and trans fats –and remain sedentary and of course take purple pills and blood-pressure-lowering toxins to modify my risk factors.

Take Responsibility For Your Healthcare

Wake up America. The reason for your chronic disability is known. You must take responsibility to clean up your living and work environment – air purifiers, dehumidifiers (for mycotoxins – i.e., mold), and for heavens sake, throw out those curly-Q and fluorescent, mercury-laden light bulbs that some idiotic politicians have recently mandated. Consuming lots of anti-oxidant rich, organic, fruits and vegetables – all colorful stuff is good, especially brown (tea) and black (berries) foods – is not just a good idea. It is an absolute survival necessity. Drink lots of purified water – 4 quarts a day for adults.

Detoxify through sweat– exercise and hot Epsom salt baths are the best. Put filters in your car, or at least recirculate the air in heavy traffic. Avoid any food which has ingredients which you can’t pronounce. Understand that all fructose and sugar is poisonous. Have your mercury fillings replaced with non-metal alternatives. You must take probiotics, enzymes, essentially fatty acids and vitamins to prevent a main generator of toxicity from acting up, the GI tract. And yes, of course, take these to prevent a very common killer, colon cancer.

Detoxification medicine must become one of the most important specialties in the 21st century, or we are doomed. Detoxification medicine as a specialty is in its infancy, but it is increasingly available to healthcare consumers. Wouldn’t you like to know if you or your loved ones are toxic? Wouldn’t you like to know if you or your loved ones have genes which make you more vulnerable to toxins, and thus more vulnerable to medical and psychiatric illnesses? Are you already sick with a chronic problem of some sort, and you’ve been told there is no known cause! Or it’s all in your head!

Did you know that many of those DNA tests and tests for chemicals which are used in forensic crime labs and popularized by TV shows like Bones and CSI, are now available to find out what the culprit is that caused the “crime” to your body and brain? Did you know that you can change your genetic expression once those quirky and dangerous genes are determined, through specific supplements, new dietary choices, lifestyle changes and sensible, simple environmental alterations?

I know that toxins sap your energy, so you might not even have the motivation to do anything about this. Toxins create inflammation, so perhaps you are suffering from pain and can’t move around easily. But what choice do you have? You can let yourself or your loved ones be eaten alive by toxins or do something to stop it. Detoxification medicine will become one of the most important specialties in the 21st century. The clues are all around us.

Help is available.

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