Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function DVD

by Gant on October 8, 2009

After nearly 4 decades of practicing complementary/alternative, integrative and holistic medicine and psychiatry, and carefully assessing (and “curing”) many thousands of patients with in-depth, functional medicine testing and genomics (gene testing), I am happy to present the culmination of my life’s work – The Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function.

The philosophical approach to my work and research has always been science based, and I have tended to downplay proposed panaceas for the world’s ills as poppycock. After all, the human being is composed of roughly 200 trillion cells, each having 50 million chemical reactions per second. We have 6 feet of DNA per cell, which if unraveled and stretched out and connected end-to-end, calculates to 10s of billions of miles of DNA per person. When malfunctioning, how could anything so marvelous and complex be reduced to simplistic notions of one cure fits all. Panaceas are extraordinary claims and they must be supported by extraordinary evidence to be taken seriously.

For the first time in my life, I may have found the panacea. I say “may have” since it has only taken one ugly fact to destroy the most beautiful theories ever proposed. But so far, The Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function appears to subsume all approaches to healing within one model. And all attempts to discover fatal flaws in this model have so far failed. But I invite your skeptical critique and feedback. If anything appears to be out of alignment with my extraordinary claim, which by the way comes with extraordinary supportive scientific evidence, please contact me.

For now, may you enjoy a feast upon these truths. (20 concepts)

Released October 7, 2009
2 hour video

Grand Unified Theory – Download only $10

(Format: DVD not available – .wmv download only)

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The Mindfulness Workshop companion product to the Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function is available in the Members area.

In this video, Dr. Gant takes a small group through some mindfulness exercises.

You will be able to put these exercises into effect right away.

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