Integrative Medicine Solutions for Medical and Mental Disorders

by Gant on August 8, 2010

Crime fighting technologies such as DNA analysis, toxicology and neuroimagery (PET scans), which has recently been popularized on hit TV shows like Bones and NCSI, is now available to solve chronic medical and psychiatric disorders, including addiction (leading cause of death) and violence. At the root of such problems is chronic, sympathetic, fight (anger/resentments from past) and flight (fear/anxiety of future) stress, which has many psychological and physical causes (see title) and which leads to well defined, degenerative, psychiatric and behavioral pathologies.

Modifying chronic stress to shift back to the rest and digest, here and now, parasympathetic, regenerative and anti-aging physiology is a core objective of Integrative and Functional Medicine. Examples of diagnostic testing to sort through the 12 kinds of stress and determine precisely how to reverse them will be presented in the teleseminar in the link below.

Come get a glimpse of the “Star Trek” medicine of the future which penetrates the root causes of chronic disorders, addiction and violence instead of simply covering up symptoms with drugs. Functional and Integrative Medicine is becoming widely available and the once-expensive diagnostic testing is now covered by most insurance plans. This teleseminar will familiarize listeners with some of these technologies, as well as a whole new way of thinking about health and wellness, which will become mainstream as our education systems struggle to keep pace with a revolution in diagnostic science.

Download the teleseminar below:

Integrative Medicine Solutions for Medical and Mental Disorders
(Global Teleclass audio MP3) (time 53:42)

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