What is Mindfulness

by on September 30, 2012

Dr. Gant has practiced mindfulness for 35 years and incorporates mindfulness-based psychotherapies into his functional medicine practice as an essential tool for assisting his patients to lead healthier, happier lives.

The concept of mindfulness is now searched on the internet over 70,000 times a month.

The concept of mindfulness is not: meditation, concentration, yoga, reflection, prayer, attention, awareness, enlightenment, inner peace or stress reduction. However, when practiced, mindfulness may play a role in all these things.

So, then what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is:

* paying attention to the present moment
* paying attention in an accepting, non-judgmental way
* accepting of whatever thoughts or events come up
* learning to observe a thought in a neutral way– and let it go
* the letting go of connecting the mind to an object or feeling
* a separate faculty of consciousness
* frontal lobe activity in the brain

Observe and Accept our Thoughts

When the mind encounters pain it resists- it pulls away in order to survive. When practiced, mindfulness creates a willingness to be “in the present” and open to thoughts or events. With mindfulness one does not react to positive or negative thoughts- we accept and treat each equally, in a more neutral way.

It is like you are observing your thoughts and feelings, but not reacting. Just noticing, but not in an emotional way, and then letting the thought pass by. Stillness.

With practice, one can learn to accept the resistance or discomfort or feeling, and let it go.

Letting the feeling go – acceptance in a non-judgmental way – allows us to again become whole.

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